How to set up your bot!

Step 1:  Download the following:

Download the actual bot:  Zzukbot v1 

Download Dependencies:  Dependencies for framework/bot (optional if bot doesn’t run)

Download the MMAPS files: MMAPS

First file is the actual bot, this is the engine that controls your character.  The second file, the biggest file, is ALL the mesh files, like the roads, your bot can travel.  It’s basically the “world” of warcraft, that lets your bot travel from point a -> point b.

World of Warcraft client MUST be English for our store Custom Classes to work.  They cast spell by name, and are in English.


Step 2:  Setting up your bot:

You’ll see a bunch of random folders.  Let’s head over to Internals > CustomClasses

This is where you’ll place your .cs files (custom classes).  This is basically what controls your bot, and helps it fight.  This does NOT control your character.  For that you’ll need profiles (.xml files).

Step 3:  Starting your bot:

  1.  This is a “load profile and run” button.  That’s all it’s used for, press it when you know you’re ready.  Pressing start will also trigger your “CustomClass” to load.
  2.  Stop button, self explanatory
  3. Load previous profile:  Check that if you want to just load the last profile it used

Step 4:  Settings


Relogger:  Do not use this, it will likely get you banned.  Disconnects are triggered by admins, so this can and will be used to try and catch botters.  It’s likely to be a regular d/c, but only use it if you’re happy to test out the feature


  •  Search mob range:  This tells the bot how far to look for next mob to kill, best setting this to a lower range, so it doesn’t wander too far off the course.  12-35 is a “good” range if you’re, larger numbers for stealth toons
  • Combat range:  This is how close you want to start fighting the mobs.  Set this to 4-10, depending if you’re range or melee.
  • Roam from Waypoint:  I wouldn’t touch this, 100 is a fine value.  If you’re worried about getting killed by more than one mob at a time, or you’re leveling a weak clothie, put it at like 35-55.


  • Free Slots:  How many slots left before the bot goes to the vendor, if it’s set by the profile.
  • Keep from: This doesn’t always work since some servers have custom items, but setting it to green is great for leveling purposes.

Other Section:

  •  Ignore this area, it doesn’t work how it should and causes more issues than to explain

Protected items:

  • Here’s a great list of generic protected items: Download Here

That’s it, get to work!  Enjoy guys 🙂