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(After further testing, It seems that certain 1.12.1 servers have an issue with the bot trying to apply poisons on offhand items, As long as you can keep the poisons applied ever 45 minutes or so, then the bot will run fine. I will re-instate sales of the bot, but be warned this is NOT an afk CustomClass.)

7/18/18 – Enarchy



This is my personal custom class that I use for leveling my rogue from 1-60.

This profile will work great for at least One to Eight hours of game time. The rogue will begin using stealth once the skill is obtained.

Best option for beginning talents are using:

  • Mastery of Stealth
  • Faster movement while stealthed.

The faster you move while stealthed the quicker your leveling will be.  Keep that in mind.

This is a breakdown of Emu’s Rogue CC edited by myself to my liking.


  • Stealth.
  • Poison’s set by user once the spell is obtained.
  • Slice and Dice.
  • Evasion.

Created by: Enarchy

Originally created by: Emu


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