Fordring’s Pal’s – Paladin – Retribution CC – Leveling 1-60

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Pals For Life

“1-60 leveling”

Created byKrycess
Hosted by: Enarchy

This is the most current release of “Shatter Party”.

This is a Retribution leveling spec.

This is a very straight forward leveling CC (Custom Class).

It has many of the other features that are listed on the Shatter Party and Divine Right’s CC’s.

If you have used any other CC by Krycess then you already know that you are getting your moneys worth in general. Take the time to try out this awesome CC for the paladin as there are only a few different CC’s for paladins for ZZuk Bot.

Please note, this product will not receive anymore updates as for the moment, if anymore updates come this product will be updates at that time.


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