Shatter Party – Mage – Frost CC – Leveling 1-60

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Shatter Party

“1-60 leveling”


Created by: Krycess
Hosted by: Enarchy


This is the most current release of “Shatter Party”.

This is a FROST leveling spec.

  • The ability to toggle between Counters-Spell and Blink in the configuration.
  • Buffing with scrolls
  • Ability to use certain racial abilitys
  • CC’ing (Crowd Control) with 1 to 3 mobs, Polymorphing.
  • Auto wanding when below 10% mana.
  • Keeps AoE spells (Forst Nova, Cone of Cold) from breaking polymorph
  • Much much more….
Please note, this product will not receive anymore updates as for the moment, if anymore updates come this product will be updates at that time.



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